How It Works

Benefits To You

By negotiating on your behalf with the funeral home, we're able to get you the best service possible for your budget, save you additional money and time.

  1. 1.) No Additional Costs.
  2. 2.) Time to deal with the other, more important issues at hand.
  3. 3.) You get a service that would typically cost 25-30% more than your budget.
  4. 4.) Plus we'll work to save you an up to an additional 10% off of your budget.

Information Needed

To start off we'll need to know some basic information about the deceased and who we should be contacting regarding everything.

  1. 1.) Exact location of the deceased (city, state and hospital name, etc).
  2. 2.) The city and state where the funeral service will be taking place.
  3. 3.) Will there be a burial? If so we'll need to know where the cemetery is located.
  4. 4.) What kind of service you would like (traditional, cremation with viewing, etc).
  5. 5.) Finally we'll need to know your budget. Our goal is to save you at least 10% off of that...if there is a big discrepancy between your wishes and your budget, we'll let you know.


Next we will work with quality local funeral homes to put together a service that is at or under you budget. Once we've negotiated with the funeral home, we will then call you to finalize the details.

  1. 1.) Once you have approved the service and the price point we will then need a valid credit card to bill at that time.
  2. 2.) We will then pay the funeral home directly.

...Why am I paying now?

In order for us to negotiate and lock in the lowest possible price for the services you are requesting, we need to be able to guarantee that the funeral home will receive payment in a timely manner. Also, by taking care of the payment now, you are less likely to make unneeded purchases during a very emotional time.

Simply click the start button below, fill out the form and we'll take care of the rest.

Please be available via the phone number you provide as we will need to contact you to verify the service request and your contact information.